Les Rocker wins prizes at Lactic Factory winter bouldering comp

Les Rock’s own Shae Parker-McCashen starred in the recent Lactic Factory bouldering competition, taking out third place in the intermediate division.

The bouldering competition consisted of several lead-up weeks in which points were accumulated for ticking of certain problems. Then there was a grand final.

Here’s how Lactic described it:

“A Boulder Ladder is an ongoing competition with regular problems being set. Climbers have a limited amount of time to complete each set of problems.

“The Lactic Winter Series will run from Friday 6th of June for 12 weeks. There will be 15 new problems of varying grades each Friday. Climbers will have until the following Friday to complete as many of the previous Friday’s problems as they can.  Competed problems will be logged by staff at the front counter and published online at the end of each week.

“The Winter Series will culminate in a Super Final on Saturday 30th of August.”

Coming into the final day, Shae was looking solid, but needed to pull off a few onsites to make the grade. Fortunately Shae was having a good day and all that training delivered. Shae won a bag of chalk and a Patagonia shopping voucher. And the undying respect of her Les Rock peers.

Shae said of her victory, “You’re writing a blog post about me? God, how embarrassing.”

Some other girls called Tanya  and Julie were first and second, respectively. Well done to them too!

Shae shows the boys how it’s done:





Jackie Bernardi rocked up on the day and decided to join in:



Fun and games as some random hangs on to not very much:


Thanks to Yench for the pix.


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