What’s for dinner?

It’s a problem we have every week: what shall we have for dinner?

Most Mondays the Les Rock crew get together for a climb and dinner in Melbourne city. Back in the day, we used to go next-door to Miss Libertines. The kitchen was open until 9, they had $5 pizzas, beer, could cater for vegetarians and vegans and the food arrived very rapidly. It was a win-win-win situation.

But Miss Libertines couldn’t withstand the (perceived) lure of more money and underwent a long renovation to re-open as a high-end restaurant. We could have told them to save their cash. In that location, the people eating are students. They don’t have $40 to spend on a steak. Very quickly Miss Libertines (or whatever it has been rebadged as) reverted to selling parma-and-a-pot style food.

The trouble is, there’s plenty of parma-and-pot food in the area, and most of it is cheaper than Miss Libertines. Lose-lose.

So we have branched out in search of dinner. We’ve tried a lot of the laksa places on Elizabeth Street and they’re good. But they don’t serve beer.

The Oxford Scholar is too pricey and the staff are rude.

The Queensberry serves good food and beer, but the kitchen closes exactly on 9pm. If you’ve squeezed in one last climb, you’re at a high risk of going home hungry.

The John Curtain occasionally hosts a gay night so is immediately in our good-books. But their vegetarian burgers are inedible.

So what is a bunch of hungry, thirsty climbers to do?



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