What’s for dinner?

It’s a problem we have every week: what shall we have for dinner? Most Mondays the Les Rock crew get together for a climb and dinner in Melbourne¬†city. Back in the day, we used to go next-door to Miss Libertines. The kitchen was open until 9, they had $5 pizzas, beer, could cater for vegetarians…


A ‘situational’ weekend at Arapiles

Quite a few firsts were achieved when Les Rock took a trip out to Arapiles on the weekend of 9-10 May. It was a the first time to Arapiles for a few, and the first time outdoors for a couple. The more experienced members of the group were happy to explain the finer points of…


Exploring the ape’s lair

Did you know that Arapiles rearranged spells Sara P lie? It’s true. I’m not lying… It’s also spells ape’s lair. And Lara’s pie. And sale pair. Buy one, get one free. No doubt such exciting anagram games will not feature at all on our upcoming weekend away because we’ll be too busy climbing! May 8&9…


Les Rock Proudly Marches

The annual Melbourne Pride March was held on Feb 2 and Les Rock took part for the third year running. Braving temperatures into the 40s, the girls (and our friendly bloke) strolled down Fitzroy Street in St Kilda, complete with rock climbing harnesses. Here are some pictures from the day.


Surfing is not climbing

It seems the climbing gods conspired against us. First the Grampians were ruled out because of bushfires, then 42 degrees C was predicted for the weekend. No way we were climbing in that! So a last minute change of plans resulted in our going to Wilsons Promontory for the weekend. Saturday was as good a…


Arapiles (not Grampians) weekend away

We’re heading to the Grampians Arapilies on Feb 7-9th. The plan was to do some climbing around the Summerday Valley area. But recent fires have made the area off limits.But we are still keen to climb! So the plan has switched to the Arapiles. Visit our Facebook page (email to be added) where all…


Les Rock takes over

We held another very successful Midsumma climb on Monday with around 20 people joining in the fun. The climbing gym was so populated with Les Rockers (and others) you could barely get a rope! Afterwards we had dinner at the Queensberry, where we took over the entire back room. Here we all are BEFORE the…